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The Wastewater Certification Review textbook is an excellent guide for wastewater certification. Each year many students who study from this book not only pass the state exam but also achieve top scores in different levels and classifications. The book contains municipal, industrial, laboratory, safety, and technical topics that are directly related to the test. Included in the book are 700 multiple-choice questions and answers. In addition to the previously mentioned topics, we added the following topics to the Complete Edition: wastewater mathematics, introduction to the national pretreatment program and security topics related to protecting your community's assets.

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The Wastewater Treatment Operation textbook is a presentation of the wastewater treatment operations. Included are pictures and diagrams to describe systems and equipment used in the biological and chemical treatment processes. Stay up-to-date with advanced treatment topics such as: Membrane Technology and wastewater treatment, Ultraviolet Disinfection and Ozone Applications, Centrifuges and other solids dewatering operations. Included is a special section of industrial wastestreams treatment operations such as: Petroleum metals, fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat packing, textile, and pulp and paper wastestreams.

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The Wastewater Laboratory Procedures textbook provides critical and important instructions and tips on how to perform laboratory analysis on wastewater and develop a laboratory Quality Assurance Plan that will generate sound scientific laboratory data. Topics include: Quality control measures, equipment maintenance and calibration, grade A water, solutions and reagents, sampling, preservation of samples and wastewater analysis procedures. In addition, the manual includes a large section on Microscopic examination of activated sludge to acquaint operators, technicians and engineers with bright-field and phase –contrast microscopic techniques used to evaluate operational and plant upset conditions. Laboratory exercises include the use and care of the microscope, sampling techniques, and slide preparation. Included are laboratory exam and answers. This book is an excellent study guide to prepare for laboratory certification exams.

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