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Approved Environment, Inc. is an approved training provider in water and wastewater.

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Online Program Directions

1- After you register and pay for a course you will be directed to assign your login ID and password. There is no limiting period and you can login to take your course at any time or date.
2- Each course is divided into four sections - the entire section is contained on one page. Each section is 12 minutes. There is a timer on the page to record the time you are spending on each section. You cannot proceed to the question or the next section until the time is up.
3- At the end of each section a screen will prompt you to continue to answer a question, or get more time to read the section. You have only two minutes to respond to this screen. (It is very important to respond to the screen within the two minutes or you will be returned to the beginning of the section and the clock will restart for that section).
4- If you need more time to read the text, click on the "More Time" button and you will be given 5 minutes more time to read the section.
5- If you click the "Go To Question" button, a multiple choice question will appear on the screen. There is no time limit to answer the question. If you answer the question incorrectly, the same question will appear again to give you another chance to get the correct answer before you move to the next section.
6- Once you have responded to the question correctly you will be prompted to continue to the next section or if you need to stop for any reason, click on the "End Session" button. The program will remember where you stopped. You can return to Approved Environment, Inc. Home Page or the Main Online Course page and click on the link "Login Here". The program will start at the beginning of the next unfinished session.

Get a Certificate:

1- After all four sections are completed click on the get certificate button.
2- Print the certificate of completion and sign it. (You may want to print 2 copies so that you have one for your records.)
3- Send your certificate to your operator education regulator.




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